As an active participant in a variety of community and local government committees, I am excited to take this step to help my neighbors as a member of City Council, First Ward. My passions lie in the improvement and expansion of our public school system, instituting thoughtful community growth, and identifying and implementing creative housing solutions. I am eager to work with the Council to address new ideas and challenges in the First Ward as well as Winchester as a whole.  


I recognize that a community’s public school system is the most productive investment in resources for the most significant long term outcome. Education touches so many aspects of the community, including workforce development, job creation, community engagement, and connection. I will work tirelessly to support our public schools through:

  • The completion of the Shihadeh Innovation Center, which will create opportunities for new methods of learning while strengthening critical thinking skills as well as relieve enrollment pressures on the current high school capacity. 
  • The continued focus of education to the broader community with particular attention to adult education, workforce training, and skills assessments.
  • Coordinate with LFCC and WPS for retraining programs that will be critical in the post-pandemic rebuilding and new economic structures.  

Community Growth

Growth is not measured solely in economic terms but also a feeling of belonging, inclusiveness, and opportunity expansion. As a member of your City Council, I will work to:

  • Complete the redevelopment of the former Douglas School, an investment in the North End community.
  • Put the current Central Administrative Office located at 12 N. Washington St. back on the city tax roles for viable commercial use.
  • Target strategic investment in focused areas of potential redevelopment.


The range of housing necessary for a diverse community will require creative approaches to rethinking our definition of housing. This assessment will require:

  • A systemic review of the constraints on housing under current zoning ordinances as well as adopted building code.
  • Improving the alignment of development and redevelopment incentives to encourage investment in housing, the most stable investment category.

Focus on our Community Strengths

My family has lived in Winchester since 1997. It’s a dynamic and vibrant city with an abundance of resources to offer its residents, businesses, and visitors. As a member of your City Council, I will continue to:

  • Grow our supportive relationships with our institutions and area employers.
  • Showcase the character perceived in our established historic district and other downtown amenities.
  • Enhance and grow our connecting community spaces.
  • Continue to encourage our strong community volunteering.

Areas for Community Improvement

There is always an opportunity for improvement in every community. I look forward to working with our citizens, business owners, local agencies, and neighborhood partners to:

  • Stabilize our governmental structure and organization through efficient staffing.
  • Improve community infrastructure for sustained and long term value.
  • Increase food and staples resources – neighborhood grocery stores.
  • Enhance the goals and the organization of our area nonprofits and volunteer groups through resource support and coordination towards the community’s strategic objectives.

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